SCS at IAA Hannover 2014

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SCS at IAA Hannover 2014

Quite an expedition from SCS Software journeyed to Hannover in the north of Germany at the end of last week to visit IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2014 - the biggest Commercial Vehicles show in Europe.

We have reported from the show in real-time on SCS Software's Twitter, but we don't have that many followers there, so maybe a short recap here won't hurt.

We have taken hundreds of gigabytes of reference photos, and more importantly, we have talked to number of very important people in the transportation industry and from truck and trailer manufacturing companies. Hopefully some of these initial contacts will grow into fruitful discussions and down the road to noticeable improvements of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The good photos we took would fill twenty long blog posts, here is only a very short selection. If there is interest from the community to see more photos, we may put them somewhere more appropriate, like SCS Software's Facebook page, so let us know!


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