Hard at work on ETS2 1.14 now

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Ttle : Hard at work on ETS2 1.14 now
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Hard at work on ETS2 1.14 now

We have quite a task ahead of us now to finalize the testing of update 1.14 for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The big star of the update will of course be the new Euro 6 DAF XF truck tractor!

We may have been a bit over-optimistic in our estimates for 1.14 release date in our earlier blog posts, but finally we are entering the wider testing stage. We will only release the update when we deem it solid enough, but the wait should be worth it - some pretty neat things are coming. A hint of one of the new features is in the screenshot below:

We have some new help too - a new member of SCS Software's team. Our company has been growing slowly but steadily over the past year (and experiencing some growing pains in the process we must admit), and we are very happy with all the new guys and girls coming on board. Usually we don't publicize new hires, but in this case it may be interesting to make an exception. Some of you may recognize the nickname of 50keda from ETS2 moding community. We are proud to welcome 50keda to our company now as a full-time employee!

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