A look on the technical side: Telemetry SDK

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Ttle : A look on the technical side: Telemetry SDK
link : A look on the technical side: Telemetry SDK

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A look on the technical side: Telemetry SDK

Today we would like to talk about something that deviates a bit from the typical posts you see on our blog - we want to shine some light on our Telemetry SDK library and examples of its use for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (the same SDK will be available for American Truck Simulator from day one).

You're probably asking yourself what is that Telemetry thing and what does it really do? The SDK gives modders an easy to use API which grants access to a set of in-game data such as (but not limited to): truck make and model, speed, current gear, map coordinates, current job info, engine RPM, acceleration forces and many more similar stats about your game. All of this data can be used to create various modifications related to the game or even to create a more immersive experience.

The SDK available here requires programming knowledge to use, but our community has already created a number of various projects using our SDK. Let's have a look at some of them:

Telemetry Web Server and Mobile Dashboard

Forum thread
This fan-made add-on gives the player an opportunity to see in-game status via a web page in a browser on a local network. In practice, this means that your tablet or smartphone can serve you as a mobile dashboard display showing your gauges as well as essential trip info, giving you a chance to keep the main screen less cluttered.

Enhanced Force Feedback for Logitech devices

Logitech wheel users may like how this rather technical plugin gives them an ability to achieve enhanced force feedback. This plugin will make your wheel act differently from standard game by adding a compensation for various features seen in modern trucks and a wide set of different responses to when your truck is being driven under more demanding conditions. Author of this mod also offers a set of improvements for gear shifting and transmission - check out the thread above for more information.

Enhanced Truck Sounds

Enthusiasts of roaring engines will appreciate this add-on delivering a louder set of engine and truck noises right into your game, as the aim of this modification is to provide a different take on realistic driving experience by enhancing the game with additional sounds based off truck performance and behavior derived from the telemetry data.

G19 LCD display

This add-on, just like you may have guessed from its name, allows display of various gameplay information using LCD display of your G19 keyboard working similarly as the mobile dashboard mentioned above.

To get started

If you want to get started be sure to check our modding section to download the latest TELEMETRY SDK.

Also you may want to check fan-created GitHub repository containing a live implementation of the API that will help you in getting started creating your own add-ons and plugins for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Let us know in the comments if you know and like any other telemetry-based projects we have failed to discover ourselves!

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