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Over the Seas

Scandinavia is a very different space to work and create in than the territories we have created in the past - it's not just the different sights, it's the fact that the countries are not landlocked like most of the environments in existing Euro Truck Simulator 2 world.

Our previous post contained a general review of the map that might have given you some idea on the scale of the DLC. The Scandinavia territory in Euro Truck Simulator 2 will feature a total of 15 new ports and ferry locations that allow you to board the ferries directly.

We felt that ferries are an integral part of Scandinavian transportation and decided to go an extra mile to ensure that ship models and ferry locations in the game closely reflect the ferry ports and ships you can see in real life. We've spent considerable amount of time to recreate this aspect of Scandinavia in great detail - many of the ports in the expansion have the size of entire cities you've seen in current Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The sea transportation network will allow you to use alternate connections between locations in Scandinavia and other territories of the map, as the ferries will also connect destinations in Poland and United Kingdom. At the same time, we wanted to avoid abuse of the ferry system that would allow players to just "hop" around the map quickly without the need for much driving, so the ferry network is intentionally not as dense as in the real world.

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