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Scandinavia reveal

As we are getting closer to the finish line on ETS2 Scandinavia DLC, it's time to show you more of what we have in store for you. Here is a small scale map to reveal the destination cities we are putting into this world expansion. This little map doesn't tell the whole story - the highways, roads and city streets are now a much more detailed system than what we currently have in the older parts of our ETS2 universe.

We have dedicated a lot of time and attention to recreating Scandinavian sights and landmarks in order to make the scenery more vibrant and lifelike. We tried hard to distill the looks and sights of the region to stay true to its spirit, and in the process created a lot of new assets to make driving more varied and the exploration more interesting.

The scenery is additionally supplemented with new delivery types and unique locations such as Scania and Volvo Trucks factories. Since ferry transport plays important role in this area, Scandinavia DLC also will feature numerous ports and deliveries aimed at supporting those locations.

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