World of Trucks Newsletter #1 is Coming!

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World of Trucks Newsletter #1 is Coming!

As the release of Scandinavia DLC is getting close, we feel that it would make a perfect opportunity to utilize one more, yet unused, media channel of ours  - the World of Trucks newsletter. You see, it's time to really boost our PR effort now!

During your registration to World of Trucks, many of you opted to receive the newsletter. Actually we explicitly didn't pre-select the newsletter check-box for the registration, you had to click it yourself. Unlike many companies who try by any means to push any info and especially promo through, we felt it's only fair to give you the opportunity but make it a user preference.

More then half of World of Trucks users opted to receive the newsletter, but until now we have never utilized this communications channel.

Sending a newsletter is a rather tricky procedure, it's not like firing a few e-mails per day, it requires infrastructure to send hundreds of thousands newsletters at once. Thankfully places like Amazon and many others are offering a service for sending such massive amounts of mails for a reasonable price, with extra features on top of it. Still, such services have specific criteria on how many emails can "bounce" as undeliverable or reported as "spam" - and if the bounce rate is too high, we might receive a ban right at the newsletter's introduction, which would be a shame.

With that in mind we aim to distribute the newsletter only among active users to World of Trucks platform who are truly interested in receiving it.

In our first newsletter we aim to include an extensive preview and summary of all features that Scandinavia DLC will bring to the a game, as well as a gist on other projects we work on and activities happening around the SCS Software office.

Since this is the first ever newsletter from SCS Software, we certainly want to avoid spamming the players who have since their registration lost the interest in the game. We plan to send out the message only to active members who have logged in in the past couple of months. So please make sure to complete the steps below if you are interested in receiving our first newsletter prior to the release.

What do you need to do in order to receive our newsletter?

  • Make sure your email contact info is up to date to make sure our emails don't go into the void
  • Tick "Receive updates about latest news and special events" in account options page (in case you haven't subscribed already).

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