Vive la France!

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Ttle : Vive la France!
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Vive la France!

It's time to start showing you more stuff from the various new things we have in the pipeline. We are not a one-project-at-a-time company any more, there are several new cool things under development in our labs now!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 map team is hard at work on a new major DLC expansion for the game. We are expanding the little bit of France we have in the game now to cover the whole country. This also includes a lot of touches to the existing areas (total overhaul of Paris region for example). The changed parts of the world will of course still be accessible in the base game, even if they are upgraded visually.

Here is a couple of appetizer images from a more rural part of the world. It's work in progress still (you will notice some placeholders for new trees and shrubs in some of the shots).

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