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Arizona Panoramas

We are hard at work putting finishing touches on Arizona DLC for American Truck Simulator now. Very soon we should enter first a closed beta and hopefully soon after an open beta phase.

Today we would like to treat you with three panoramas showing the principal river of the Southwestern United States - the Colorado River. The river will not be just a sight to pass. For the players who enjoy hunting for Steam achievements, we have prepared a new one - tied with the river.

Your task will be to cross the three bridges in Ehrenberg, Yuma and Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge near Hoover Dam. You will also have a chance to drive along the edge of two canyons carved by the Colorado River - Grand Canyon and Glen Canyon.

The panoramas above show an artist's depiction of Colorado River near Kingman, again near Yuma, and Glen Canyon.

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